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Gordon Henderson, a native of Portsmouth, Dominica gives a first hand account of Caribbean Creole music. From its roots to the becoming of age and the recognition of Creole music as an artform. His many travels into the Creole Caribbean culture over decades of producing, writing, and performing with the best artists in the business.

ZOUKLAND is the title of a book written by Gordon Henderson. This diglot edition includes versions in English and in French all in the same package plus a CD compilation of various artists featuring the greatest hits of the cadence-lypso era.

Zoukland-Cadencelypso's Greatest Hits. The CD has 16 original tracks including "Lucifer" by Fitzroy Williams and the Saultone Orchestra, Chanson D'Amour by Ophelia Marie &Les Vikings and other hits like "Aki Ya Ka","Bouquette Roi des Betes","Rosita","Fraiche","20-20","Cavalier","Nou travaille Pou An yen" and more by Exile One(CD ONLY for US$12.99) CD IS HERE-GET IT NOW




Gordon Henderson

A first hand account in English and in French of the making and developing of modern Caribbean Creole music

Recit en francais et en anglais de la creation et du developpment de la musique Creole Caraibeene moderne



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(click)Rosita-OR-Gardey Derrière
Download the Clip click for clip-RealAudio-Cavalière Mi Cavalier
Fame Awards Song of the Year(1998)

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