SOCA - SUMMER SOCA HITS 2017 and SOCA GROOVES JAN 2018 (2 CDs-30 tracks) - VARIOUS ARTISTES (Chalkdust,Karene Asche,Crazy,Karessah,Dice, Daddy Chess,Bobb,Sugar Aloes,Wizard,RPB,Peter Ram,Edwin Yearwood,Ricardo Drue,Tian Winter,Red Hot Flames,Super Blue and more)

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BACKGROUND MUSIC: "Tax - He" by "Krosfyah's Edwin Yearwood"
from the "Summer Soca 2017-2018 CD
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    1.Hook It In A-Minor - King Karessah (Gregory Riviere) 2.Second Round.....King Karessah 3.Do Good.....King Dice (Dennison Joseph) 4.Country B4 Party....Daddy Chess (Chester Letang) 5.No Profit - De Webb 6.Pong Eddie Pong - De Wizard (Merlin St. Hilaire) 7.Spoil .....De Hunter (Deryck St. Rose) 8.Respect......De Bobb (Daryl Bobb) 9.Blind Date.......Mighty Ome 10.Dubai Delegation...Genius 11.No Pan.....Sugar Aloes (Michael Osuna) 12.Donald & Hilary...Crazy (Edwin Ayoung) 13.Queens Park Savannah....Super Blue (Austin Lyons)

14.Learn From Arithmetic..Chalkdust (Dr Hollis Liverpool) 15.Whirlwind.........Karene Asche 16.Big Man Ting........Karene Asche 17.Champions.........De Original De Fosto Himself 18.No Pan .(Remix).......Sugar Aloes 19.Donald & Hilary (Remix)....Crazy 20.Tax-He.........Edwin Yearwood 21.Boat Ride.....Red Plastic Bag (Barbados) 22.Melody.......Edwin Yearwood and Peter Ram 23.Allright...Zamoni (Antigua) 24.Icons....Tian Winter (Antigua) 25.My Waist....Red Hot (Burning )Flames 26.Muddy Up..Oungu & Red Hot Flames 27.Intensity...Ricardo Drue (Antigua) 28.It's Carnival...Zahcary (Antigua) 29Iron......Ricardo Drue (Antigua)

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